Suzanne Waring

Suzanne Waring—Contributing writer for the Montana Senior NewsA multifaceted interest in Montana people and their communities keeps Suzanne Waring looking for  topics to research in old newspapers and books and people to interview. She also has a passion for gardening. During the busy times of her first career, Suzanne Waring wrote, “I raise a garden no matter what.”  That statement is still true during her second career as a writer.

Discover the International Suites

The International Suites is the pinnacle of visitor-related businesses in Winnifred, Mont., a community with a population of about 200 people.

Butte Symphony Orchestra Celebrates 70 Years

The Butte Symphony Orchestra, the first and oldest in the state, is putting on its “glad rags” this year to celebrate offering Butte and southwest Montana communities 70 years of classical music. The celebration will include four concerts held at the Mother Lode Theater throughout the concert season.

The Communists of Sheridan County

Many Montanans would be surprised to learn the Communist Party held most of the elected positions in Sheridan county during the 1920s.

Avoid Single-Use Plastic

Plastic microparticles have been found in the Gallatin, the Montana’s pristine river that flows through some of the most beautiful terrain.

University Heights — A Failed Experiment

By SUZANNE WARING — Frank Lloyd Wright rarely referenced the failed University Heights Community Orchard project. He went to the area only once, drew up the plans, sent them West, and carried on with his career without ever looking back.