Mary Terra-Berns

MSN Contributing Writer Mary Terra-BernsMary Terra-Berns is a freelance writer and editor with a master’s degree in fish and wildlife sciences from Texas A&M University. She has worked with, and written about, rare animals like wolverines and Canada lynx, not-so-rare species like black bears and burbot, and interesting people and topics from home and abroad. She enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, biking, running and spending time with her husband and two large mischievous dogs.

Golfing on the Brain

Golfing On the Brain

Playing a round of golf on any one of the many outstanding courses in Montana benefits the brain and body just as much as any of the other outdoor activities. Walking and swinging a club increases blood flow, improving nerve cell connections in your brain, which in turn improves strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. You burn around 1000 calories per round, a little less if you are using a cart, a little more if you are walking. Also, focusing on that little white ball both near and far improves vision by working the eye muscles.