Wheeling on the White Rim Trail

Grab an opportunity this upcoming year to experience the endless remoteness of Canyonlands National Park via a scenic overlook or wheeling on the White Rim Trail.

Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

At 1.1 million acres, the Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge represents one of the largest refuges open to the public for hunting, hiking, camping, wildlife observation, and fishing in the U.S.

RV Travel Provides Complete Flexibility for Today’s Boomers

Baby boomers have redefined each stage of their lives, so it’s no surprise that today they are redefining retirement. No longer seen as a time to simply play shuffleboard, bridge, or bingo, today’s boomers are viewing retirement as a new phase to pursue passions like starting a business, moving near grandchildren, or seeing the world.

Bull’s Eyes

For years his prowess with a rifle was unchallenged. He never shot anything but a bull’s eye. In fact, some folks said, he was so good he could light a stick match with a single shot from his .22 at a hundred yard. A fellow once said he could even do it blindfolded. No one had ever seen him do it, but everyone believed he could just the same. 

Golfing On the Brain

Playing a round of golf on any one of the many outstanding courses in Montana benefits the brain and body just as much as any of the other outdoor activities. Walking and swinging a club increases blood flow, improving nerve cell connections in your brain, which in turn improves strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. You burn around 1000 calories per round, a little less if you are using a cart, a little more if you are walking. Also, focusing on that little white ball both near and far improves vision by working the eye muscles.

UM Observatory to Host Summer Stargazing Nights

Community members are invited to explore planets, nebulas, star clusters and distant galaxies throughout the summer during stargazing nights at the University of Montana’s Blue Mountain Observatory.

Nature On the Wing: Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

Anyone traveling near the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge this summer will be richly rewarded by stopping and spending several hours walking the trails leading from one diverse habitat to another.

Should I Hire A Photographer?

Always consider hiring a photographer for key events in your life. Photographers are much more than “that person with the camera.” Photographers are artists, and perhaps more important, storytellers.

What’s SUP, Folks?

Stand-Up Paddle boarding is great for seniors because it’s easy on the joints and works your core muscles and back as well as your arms and legs

Photo Contest Winners

Each issue, the Montana Senior News will hold a reader photo contest with winning entries prominently displayed in the photography section of the printed publication as well as in our online gallery.