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2018 Conference on Aging—Helena, MT

Aging Conference in Helena

While it’s not exactly an exploding demographic, the number of people who live to be a hundred is trending upward, and the “Governor’s Centenarian Banquet” is one of the features of the 50th Annual Governor’s Conference on Aging being held September 25-27, this year (2018) at the Radisson Colonial Hotel in Helena.

Helena artist Dale Livezey

The Big Sky According to Dale Livezey

If you’re planning to visit the Queen City of the Rockies in August, be sure to stop by the Holter Museum (12 East Lawrence Street in Helena) and immerse yourself in the experience of Livezey’s magnificent artwork, exhibiting now in a show titled, “Big Sky: Paintings by Dale Livezey,” running through August 16th in the Baucus Gallery.