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The Lost Art of the Western Supper Club

In a world that changes faster than the weather in Montana, it’s comforting to find yourself in a Western supper club, where time has stood still.

Sleuthing for Hidden Treasure: Wines Under $20


I’ve had wonderful wines for $10, horrible vintages for $90, and unexpected delights for $20, all of which have convinced me that much of wine’s pricing is hype…or lack thereof.

Mentors Without Measure


When forest fires ignited near my home two years ago, I began compiling a list of items to pack once word came to evacuate. My laptop and family photos made the roster. So did a cracked, nine-inch-long box that’s priceless to me and of questionable value to anybody else.

Fermented Dill Pickles vs. Vinegar Dill Pickles

Sour pickles. Brine pickles. New York deli Kosher dill pickles. The old-fashioned dill pickles your grandparents used to fish out of a big barrell down at the general store. What do these pickles have in common? They’re lacto-fermented dill pickles.