Food & Recipes

My Favorite Oatmeal Muffin

This is my go-to oatmeal muffin recipe that will have your tastebuds shouting hosannas every time you eat them.

Mountain Martin’s Famous Hotcake Mix

Savoring the sweet and tart flavors, the crunchy and tender textures, in a breakfast ritual that has nourished a marriage for 46 years.

Fire Up the Grill: Spring Wines

You can’t go wrong with the intense flavors of spring wines fron King Estates, Newman’s Own, Rodney Strong, or Columbia Crest.

Wine for Lovers–And Others

Without love and attention, vines wouldn’t be cared for, grapes harvested. And YEARS wouldn’t be spent on creating the best wine possible.

Late Summer Wines

August and September are filled with scrumptious, ripe vegetables from the garden, the smells of jam made from home-grown fruit, and lazy evenings grilling outside with friends and family.

Homemade Cracker Crust Pizza

Pizza is often a disappointedly bready affair where the delicious promise of sauce and toppings gets drowned in a doughy sea of blandness. But have you ever had a thin, crispy, cracker crust pizza before? Now that’s a thing of beauty.