Fluffy Critters

Fall — Montana’s Batty Time of Year

Fall is a time of year when bat observations are common in Montana. This time of year young bats are attempting to take care of themselves, some bats are beginning long migrations to warmer climates, and some bats are grounded by disease or illness.

Senior Cats “Purrfer” Mature Households

Senior kitties are often overlooked at adoption centers and may find themselves housed in shelters for months at a time. Mature pet people will quickly form a close bond with an older, wiser kitty that offers laser-focused attention and devotion.

Jazz the Wonder Dog

Jazz the Wonder Dog was the one who heard my cries and answered by nudging her head under my hand. Jazz is a gift who teaches me to find joy in scattered moments of my day.

Early Calving Season in Eastern Montana

Our 2018 calving season started two days before Christmas. The early start was not because the bulls got out before the June 1 turnout date. Or because we miscalculated our insemination schedule. First calf heifer No. 609 went into labor about noon on the 23rd. I walked her down to a calving shed.

Should You Get Another Dog?

Should you get another dog at this time in your life? It’s a good question and one that deserves a lot of careful thought.

Assistance Dogs Provide Help and Love

For people with disabilities and even medical conditions, assistant dogs can be fantastic help, not to mention they provide great companionship and an invaluable sense of security.