Steve Keller Montana DJ and music entertainer

The Golden Voice of the Rockies

Steve Keller of Great Falls loves his dual life as radio DJ and music entertainer. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve just always known I wanted to be an entertainer.”

The Iron Nun

The Iron Nun

One doesn’t normally think of a Catholic nun in terms of running marathons and Ironman competitions. Sister Madonna Buder is not only an exemption to those thoughts but may well be the best at her age to ever compete in the Ironman. Now at 88, she still travels around the country to compete in triathlons; thus the reason for her nickname.

LIF-My name is Michelle and I think I am your daughter

My Name is Michelle, and I Think I’m Your Daughter

“When I saw the name on the return address, I thought the letter was from an old summer-camp friend that I’d lost touch with. But as soon as I began reading, I realized it wasn’t from her … It was two pages long and included a photo of a pretty woman with her husband and two children. She also looked enough like her birth father to leave no doubt as to who she was.”

MSN 345 - HiHo Silver: It's OK to Go Gray
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HiHo Silver: It’s OK to Go Gray

My mom was a 1945 war bride and raised me to believe that letting your hair go gray was as close as a woman could come to committing beauty suicide. Four years ago, my brother and I realized she was the only resident in her nursing home with brown hair. I was responsible for scheduling her hairdresser appointments and decided it was time for her hair color to be natural, despite her past sentiments on the subject. What eventually enabled me to go natural was the honesty required when seeing myself in a mirror.

MSN 345 - SNAP Critical for Montana Seniors

SNAP Critical for Montana Seniors

Despite lifetimes of work and contributions to their families, communities, and this state, too many seniors in Montana have limited and fixed incomes and struggle to keep up with the costs of medication, housing, utilities, and food. For these seniors, the modest benefits provided by SNAP supplement their incomes and help them afford adequate and nutritious diets.

MSN 345 - Growing Herbs
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Growing Herbs

Sage, oregano, both original and garlic chives, lemon balm, thyme, lavender, mint, and tarragon grow as perennials in our area. Growing your own herbs offer fragrance, flavor, and nutrition and are free of pesticides—offering you the outcome of great food.