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Glorious Fruit Tart For Grownups

Tarts are way sexier than pie. Think about it. Pies are demure and dowdy. There’s good stuff in there, but it’s all hidden away under the hood. Tarts are more seductive. They don’t hide the goods. They’re right out there on display. A tart is a bikini to pie’s 19th-century bathing costume. It’s like a beautiful flower in full bloom, advertising to the bees “come and get it!”

Lunch at the Great Falls Senior Center—A Best-Kept Secret

Great Falls has some mighty fine burger establishments worth visiting. But here’s the secret address to a corner of hamburger heaven you might not have had the pleasure to visit yet: 1004 Central—The Great Falls Senior Citizens Center.

Celebrate World Malbec Day April 17

The flavors of Malbec grapes reflect the regions where they grow, which means one Malbec may taste very different from another. World Malbec Day will be April 17th, and we’re here to help you find some excellent regional wines to enjoy.

Some Things Just Don’t Mix in the Kitchen

In the past, I never attempted to bake anything else while the granola crisped in the oven….However, this one evening, I thought I could save time and let my oven do double duty. Homemade granola and stew don’t mix

Sleuthing for Hidden Treasure: Wines Under $20


I’ve had wonderful wines for $10, horrible vintages for $90, and unexpected delights for $20, all of which have convinced me that much of wine’s pricing is hype…or lack thereof.

Mentors Without Measure


When forest fires ignited near my home two years ago, I began compiling a list of items to pack once word came to evacuate. My laptop and family photos made the roster. So did a cracked, nine-inch-long box that’s priceless to me and of questionable value to anybody else.