Should I Hire A Photographer?

Always consider hiring a photographer for key events in your life. Photographers are much more than “that person with the camera.” Photographers are artists, and perhaps more important, storytellers.

What’s SUP, Folks?

Stand-Up Paddle boarding is great for seniors because it’s easy on the joints and works your core muscles and back as well as your arms and legs

Photo Contest Winners

Each issue, the Montana Senior News will hold a reader photo contest with winning entries prominently displayed in the photography section of the printed publication as well as in our online gallery.

Tag-Team Antler Hunting

While April is prime time for elk antler hunting, late winter can be a good time to look for whitetail and mule deer sheds as well.

Heeding the call of Spartan races

People of all fitness levels are welcome to participate in the Spartan races, either as elite racers who are competitive or open entrants who simply want to finish. A racecourse is offered for children, too.

Kite Fliers’ Spirits Soar

Flying customized kites is like watching an aerial art show that not only entertains spectators and kite fliers but also helps them heal and learn. Kites can restore and transform people’s attitudes.

Six Steps to Improve Your Smartphone Photography

About 42 percent of seniors use smartphones, and that number’s on the rise. Why? They’re a useful tool. Conveniently capturing photographs is one beneficial way to use smartphones. It’s the camera you always have with you.

Try Both Nordic Track Ski Techniques

Nordic skiing provides refreshing outdoor exercise for improving balance and strength. If you’re new to the sport, cross-country skiing on a groomed Nordic trail is a gentle way to try this low-impact aerobic workout in crisp, snow-covered settings.