Book Review: Gunfight by Ryan Busse

Hunters are devouring Gunfight by Ryan Busse, former VP of Sales and Marketing for the Kimber Firearms company and Kalispell, Mont., resident.

WPA Guide Books

In their heyday, the WPA Guide Books were popular to take on countryside tours. Perhaps it is time to dust them off for touring your state.

Book Review East of the East Side, by Christy Leskovar

East of the East Side by Christy Leskovar is the true story of her Slovenian ancestors’ search for a better life; a journey that took them from the rural areas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the “Wild West” towns of early Montana.

Book Review: Bleeding Spirits

No book about the Vietnam War experience has disturbed me as much as Bleeding Spirits, or left such a deep impression on me.