Makerspaces: Where People Create

Creativity might be free, but making stuff isn’t — a bummer for creative individuals lacking funds. That’s where makerspaces come in.

WPA Guide Books

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In their heyday, the WPA Guide Books were popular to take on countryside tours. Perhaps it is time to dust them off for touring your state.

Second Story Cinema

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In 1976, Arnie Malina and a couple friends pooled $6k to start the independent movie house, Second Story Cinema in Helena. Today it’s the Myrna Loy Center, a vibrant performance venue & movie theatre with a $750k endowment. 

Another Season in the Books

I’m in my funk because it’s the end of golf season. I’ll survive. like I always do, I always find a way to enjoy winter.

Life Lesson from a Bike Accident

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It’s all about perspective. Instead of mourning the losses from my bike accident, I reflected on all the thrills I’ve had right up to age 73.

The Hole Truth about Cornhole

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“The neighborhood is having a get-together, a chance to meet new people.” / “Okay, I’m in.” / “It’s a cornhole contest.” / “Okay, I’m out.”